Our Story

We are creating an evolved community that values great taste, purity, and eco-consciousness. Welcome to this adventurous and exciting journey. We can’t wait to thrill and amaze you with our fine beverages, unique ingredients, and gorgeous eco friendly products.

We believe in:
Sustainability – Using natural, renewable resources so that we are not stressing our ecosystems and environment.
• Health – so that we are consuming and using natural and healthy foods and beverages that don’t contain pesticides and harmful chemicals.
• Reduced or no plastic packaging – moving away from single use plastics, and reducing as much plastic packaging as we can
• Environmental responsibility – so that we reduce the overall cost of consumption to society and the environment.
• Benefiting small communities or smaller organizations – As much as possible, we work with small farms, co-ops, and family held firms, paying fair prices and developing their opportunities to do better.
• Organic life cycle – Maximizing the organic nature of products, particularly at the beginning and at the end stages of product life.
Small choices make a big difference!