Our Story

We were fortunate to grow up in a time when food and drink wasn’t industrialized. When it was natural, tasty, and nourishing.

But over the past 40 years, the link between the promise of plenty and how our food and drink made us feel has become unmistakable. Extra-large mugs of coffee and tea that lacked flavor. Food that delivered no satisfaction, and even lesser food value.

Pondicherry was formed with the intent of bringing back natural flavor and nutritional value into our daily food and drink. Or, perhaps more simply, to bring back food and drink to the days of natural nutrition.

Bringing back nutritional value and flavor to our food and drink as intended by nature happens within and around a nurturing ecosystem that:

Considers natural resources as finite and uses them mindfully

Respects the soil and seasonality of produce

Builds and involves communities all along the value chain
Pondicherry believes in:
Sustainability – Using natural, renewable resources so that we are not stressing our ecosystems and environment.
• Health – so that we are consuming and using natural and healthy foods and beverages that don’t contain pesticides and harmful chemicals.
• Reduced or no plastic packaging – moving away from single use plastics, and reducing as much plastic packaging as we can
• Environmental responsibility – so that we reduce the overall cost of consumption to society and the environment.
• Benefiting small communities or smaller organizations – As much as possible, we work with small farms, co-ops, and family held firms, paying fair prices and developing their opportunities to do better.
• Organic life cycle – Maximizing the organic nature of products, particularly at the beginning and at the end stages of product life.
Everyone can make a difference by choosing to do the right thing within their own lives and sphere of influence - Small choices make a big difference!