What’s the Buzz about Hibiscus Tea?

As the weather warms Hibiscus can be seen blooming everywhere - adorning our gardens and now our tea cups and pitchers. So what’s up with this rich red Tea that can be spotted on every menu in cafes and restaurants?

The Hibiscus flower comes in many colors - red, yellow, orange, pink, white and more. But the red Hibiscus flower makes a delicious tart Tea, packed with health benefits. At Pondicherry Artisan Tea, our  Hibiscus - “Ruby Tart” is naturally caffeine free and comes from small farms, grown sustainably, handpicked and naturally dried. It is delicious brewed hot, chilled, ice brewed or even cold brewed.

Who has been using Hibiscus?

A lot of people, and it goes way back. It has been in medicine cabinets and pantries for several centuries. It is said to have originated in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, China, India, and Africa. Ancient Chinese texts dating back to the 3rd century mention hibiscus for traditional medicinal and culinary purposes. Ancient Egyptians civilizations used its extracts for medicines, perfumes and dyes.

In India, the red hibiscus plant holds cultural significance and is often associated with religious ceremonies and even used to adorn the hair. Hibiscus flower is a part of the vibrant tapestry of Mexican and Latino culture - “Flor de Jamaica”. In Mexico, hibiscus tea is “Agua de Jamaica", a popular traditional beverage enjoyed throughout the country. 

I hear it is cool and refreshing but is Hibiscus Tea good for me?

It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and has been traditionally used to support heart health, lower blood pressure, and promote digestion. It is believed to have diuretic properties and is used to alleviate constipation, improve liver health, and relieve menstrual pain.

I’m ready. How do I make Hibiscus tea?

Let's get you started. Here are a few options  - hot, chilled, ice-brewed, cocktail or mocktail. Yes, there are a lot of options, try it out in one of our recipes below! 

The p.d.g. refresher - (Non-Alcoholic)


⁃ Add 1 tablespoon of “tea in the rose garden - pure rose tisane” to 1 cup of ice.

⁃ Gently mix till all the leaves are no longer collected at the top.

⁃ Set aside and allow the ice to melt to extract the sweet, floral notes from the rose leaf. 

⁃ (This is Koridashi)

⁃ Take a glass of your choosing. 

⁃ Add ice. 

⁃ Introduce a tablespoon of Syrup made with whole Ruby Tart Pure Hibiscus flowers. 

⁃ Add roughly 100ml of the ice brewed pure rose tisane 

⁃ Top with Tonic water or Sprite

⁃ Finish with any citrus juice of your choice 

⁃ Garnish with a sprig of mint. 

⁃ Stir and Enjoy! 

Ruby Tart Pure Hibiscus Syrup

⁃ Combine in a pan

⁃ ½ cup of dried hibiscus flowers 

⁃ 1 cup of water 

⁃ 1 cup of Sugar
Gently boil until the sugar dissolves, let it cool and transfer to another container.

Note: You can strain the flowers to stop the infusion process.


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