masala chai / cherrapunji blend
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masala chai / cherrapunji blend

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(Cherrapunji Blend)

TGFOP orthodox Assam tea
CTC Assam tea
Bay Leaf

Caffeine: Medium

Full bodied Assam flavor, with warm and spicy highlights, slightly astringent

Warming and soothing; Great in both hot and cold weather

Brewing guide

  • Suggested: 2.5 grams per 200 ml teacup
  • Boil Half whole milk and half fresh water
  • Add tea and simmer for 2 minutes
  • Sweeten to taste if desired

Best time of Day: Morning and afternoon

This tea combines the benefits of all its base spices. It is known to be anti-inflammatory and pain relieving.

• Store in a cool dry place

• Transfer to an airtight container after opening to maintain freshness &fragrance

• Best if used within 12 months of packing

Country of Origin: India

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