Masala Chai Latte Concentrate Dry Mix 600g
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Masala Chai Latte Concentrate Dry Mix 600g

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Developed for cafes working with baristas and tastemakers in Los Angeles. Our Chai Latte concentrate dry mix is a blend of Assam teas and select spices giving it flavor, body, strength, and balance. This is an UNSWEETENED mix that allows the FOH to control and deliver a precise "House" crafted latte. Works perfectly with dairy or non-dairy milks of various kinds.

600 Grams

Makes on average 80 to 100 12oz lattes

Besides being an authentic and (in our opinion) a great drink, it has the following advantages and benefits:
  1. Sustainably grown ingredients
  2. Ethically sourced
  3. Cost effective
  4. Unsweetened - so you can address the needs of a diverse consumer
  5. Control - over the final taste and strength that FOH would like to serve
  6. Flexible - allows you to make and keep only as much as you need. Variable strength - works equally well for 1:4 concentrate to milk ratio or a 1:1 ratio and anything inbetween
  7. Quick - only needs 4 minutes to simmer, and completely ready to use in under 10 minutes
  8. Zero waste - no Tetrapaks or plastic containers

Instructions on the package.