Join us for a Virtual Indian Cooking class, raising Funds for India, sending Oxygen concentrators

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You probably know by now about India’s dire COVID CRISES. The second wave of the Pandemic is sweeping through India. Starting with big cities like Delhi, Mumbai it is now in the smaller towns and rural areas.


Hospitals are overflowing, there are severe shortages of medicines, oxygen, oxygen concentrators and even shortage of space to cremate the dead. It is terrible and heart breaking. Communities, my family, friends, the entire country is affected. I know many people who have died, many waiting for hospital beds,  some in ICUs, and some just coming out of it. School Alumni Groups are hosting large Virtual Prayer meetings because so many of them have died. Principals of schools are struggling to support many children/students who have lost both parents to COVID. Amidst all this, there are organizations, temples, small groups of people coming together to help. They are providing temporary beds, oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, even wood to help cremate the dead. They are turning temples and parking lots into places where people can sit in their car and hook up to oxygen tanks till they find a hospital that will take them. The biggest need is Oxygen. We plan to help by sending oxygen concentrators to India.


Help us raise funds to buy Oxygen concentrators for India, by joining our Virtual Indian Cooking class. We will cook Indian street food "Kathi Rolls" (including a vegetarian option). A Kathi roll is a delicious snack/meal of meat or veggies rolled into an Indian bread (parantha) topped with chutneys and other sides.  A complete, delicious, easy to make meal. Make each roll different as per your taste, if you like.


We will be making:


- Chicken Kathi Roll

- Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) Kathi Roll


Date: May 22nd, Saturday

Time: 5-6pm

Cost: $50/family (Venmo @PuneetSingh-Gupta)


Please join us and help India in its crises. RSVP at and  I will send you the zoom link, list of ingredients, prep work. And please pass it on to family and friends who may be interested in joining in.


Thank you for your support.


🙏Puneet & Robin Gupta

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